Sunday, March 29, 2015


Definitions for globular
globe-shaped; spherical.
composed of or having globules.
worldwide; global.
Citations for globular
One could almost see the globular lobes of his brain painfully revolving and crushing and mangling the delicate thing. , Joseph Conrad to Edward Garnett, February 13, 1897, in The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, 1983.
We've all probably had the odd nightmare imagining what exactly goes in to that gooey, globular mystery smear. James Laird, "How to Make McDonald's Secret Big Mac Sauce at Home," Lifehacker, Feb 20, 2015
Globular finds its roots in the Latin term globus meaning "round body, sphere." It came to English in the 1600s.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Why it matters Recycling helps to conserve energy and natural resources, and it reduces pollution in our air and water. But the rules for recycling have changed quite a bit over the years, and they continue to change as new technologies become available. By familiarizing yourself with the guidelines, you may find that you can recycle more and throw away less.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sprachgefühl \SHPRAHKH-guh-fuel\ Definition 1: the character of a language 2: an intuitive sense of what is linguistically appropriate Examples One review of the book praised the author's sprachgefühl and her graceful, literary style. "Robert Dankoff patiently taught me Ottoman Turkish, attempting to instill in me Sprachgefühl, and carefully corrected every inaccurate transliteration and translation that I insisted he read." — Marc David Baer, Honored by the Glory of Islam, 2008 Did You Know? Sprachgefühl was borrowed into English from German at the end of the 19th century and combines two German nouns, Sprache, meaning "language, speech," and Gefühl, meaning "feeling." (Nouns are capitalized in German, and you'll occasionally see sprachgefühl capitalized in English too, as in our second example.) We're quite certain that the quality of sprachgefühl is common among our readers, but the word itself is rare, making only occasional appearances in our language.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Solicitamos tu ayuda... ésta mujer de aproximadamente 30 años de edad, se encuentra en calidad de desconocida en la cama 112 de terapia intensiva del Hospital General, fue localizada en Rosamorada severamente golpeada y trasladada a Tepic, con traumatismo craneoencefálico severo, fractura de pelvis y golpes en todo su cuerpo... si la identificas o conoces a alguno de sus familiares, por favor comunícate a Derechos Humanos al Tel. 213-89-86 o lada sin costo 01 800 503-77-55. Las imágenes no son agradables, pero por favor comparte, alguno de tus contactos podría ayudar a identificarla... gracias.